Jarrah by Courtney Sandford

ARTIST NOTES: 'Innocence' is a collection of stories told through portraits, exploring the emotional relationship between the eyes and the stories they tell. Inspired by the perspective of innocence which children tell stories from, this collection draws on my own cultural experiences and portrays stories of children who ignited change in me.

This collection of portraits are created using many layers of coloured pencils, a style which evolved from my experience in acrylics and soft pastels. Working with a natural, earthy colour palette, I hope to express the unique reciprocal connection to land of Aboriginal peoples and the concept of landscape as a second skin. Using many layers of pigment, the skin begins to reveal the story behind it, growing in depth and portraying the past. The eyes however, communicate on the surface through light reflections to establish the present circumstances.

While each drawing evokes a different emotional response in the viewer, the focus of discussion is usually the same; ‘who is this child?’ Each drawing is created from my imagination and many references to capture a specific memory or story. These children are not real children. This does not mean that the stories they tell aren’t real.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 35.00 cm X Width - 28.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Pencil on Paper
GENRE Portrait
REGISTERED NRN # 000-42152-0135-01
COPYRIGHT © Courtney Sandford
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Artist: Courtney Sandford


Courtney is an Adelaide Hills based artist specialising in portraiture, figurative art and illustration. She is fascinated with the potential of combining mediums, working primarily in acrylics, pencils and pastels. Captivated by colour and all things arty from a young age, Courtney is a self-taught creator who spent her childhood and early adult years creatively experimenting and visually documenting the people around her. Courtney’s portfolio ranges from fine arts to set design. Many of Courtney’s recent artworks are heavily influenced by the children she has met during her time in remote Australian Indigenous communities.

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