Remembering The River by Elizabeth Ports

ARTIST NOTES: Impression of the River Torrens near the weir, especially the view from my club's boathouse where I'm learning to row again after a gap of several decades. It's deliberately sketchy and dreamlike. It didn't sell at the Victor Harbor Art Show but sold recently to friends who live in Victor. I'm so pleased that it didn't have to slink back and decorate my daggy laundry.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 60.00 cm X Width - 120.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas
GENRE Contemporary
REGISTERED NRN # 000-38326-0193-01
COPYRIGHT © Elizabeth Ports
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Artist: Elizabeth Ports



c.v. Elizabeth Ports: Master of Education (Study of Asia) Flinders University, 2010.  B.A. University of Adelaide, 1976. Graduate Diploma in Teaching, Adelaide C.A.E., 1977. In 2019 have begun a fine art degree at Adelaide Central School of Art and am currently studying Drawing and Art History and Theory.

In 2014 I completed two WEA courses in Mosaics and have continued experimenting since. I rummage through Hard Rubbish, collecting bits of broken light fittings, broken china, etc. Friends give broken crockery and the balls from deodorants bottles, old basketballs and terra cotta pots. as the base for some of my balls, and decorate the many terra cotta plant pots. Some of the found objects have been lamp bases and I've mosaicked them and had them rewired at a light shop. I like using found objects and a mixture of junk and materials of higher value such as semi-precious stones. I'm using exploring ideas such as 'What is rubbish? What is worthwhile?' in my art. I am fascinated by ambiguity in colour and form and creating subtle rhythms in forms.

I exhibited a mosaic mirror at The Floating Goose in the group 'Salon Hang', 2014. Solo exhibition and sales via Art@thelibrary, Hindmarsh Library cabinets, 2015. Mirrors, plant pots and balls. Three mosaic mirrors sold in The Port Art Show, 2016.Display cabinet of pots, balls, vases, candle stand, table lamp base, and instillation, and eight mosaic mirrors hung on wall nearby in 'It's Getting Hot in Here' Climate Change Exhibition curated by Azzuro in Raj House, the home of FEAST during The Fringe, 2017. Two balls and a lamp base chosen for international digital gallery ArtistTable's show 'Woman 2017'. 

In 2016 I joined several oil painting classes led by the professional, internationally acknowledged oil painter and marvellously gifted and experienced teacher Margaret Slape-Phillips and have continued learning from her. I'm particularly drawn to impressionistic methods, to making messy paintings that make sense when you stand back. Often I'm drawn to modest subjects such front fences and yards which are not manicured.I attended two fun afternoon acrylic workshops with Sheryl Morgan. 

For up to a year I organised and curated the 'Torrens to Torrens Perspectives' Art and Photography Exhibition, held between the 5th April to 29th June, 2018, in the Hindmarsh Library. It had sixty-five works which reflect on various aspects of the major on-going road project in my area. Some of the works are based on the photographs I took by myself and with the amateur road and rail historian and writer, Graeme Dorling, from 2014. So far approximately 15% of the works sold. Most artists are using these to respond to, or the photos taken by professional-level photographers or their own. 

In 2018 I enjoyed the drive to Clare to drop off three mosaic balls for their art show, and was thrilled when the most experiental one, 'Virus', sold for $350 to one brave person. Later someone I know from an oil painting class bought another more conventional one. The same person, a wonderful oil painter, the year before bought one of my balls for herself, then sort of commisioned me to make one for her sister-in-law. The commision terrified me, despite only being told that they liked red and bright things. Luckily the present was appreciated. I had six mosaic balls in the group exhibition 'Connections 2' at Pepper Street Arts Centre, and two sold. In July nine works in Pepper Street's SALA exhibition 'Waste not, Want not', pushing my experimentation with the use of industrial found objects, different grout colours and tints for the same object and a wider variety of materials including wood and plastic. I've also included a shaggy leather rug made from deconstructed Op Shop 1980's stone-washed grey leather jackets and a tiny violet jacket. It took forever to make, but I'm pleased with it. When you toss it on the floor you get interesting patterns. (Three works sold, and the rug is gracing my spare room.)

In the Walkerville Art Show the mosaic 'Retro Revolution' sold. I'm very lucky with my friends and neighbours on the Buy Nothing local site: sometimes I come home to find an exciting broken cup or plate they've left on my front bench!

In 2019 I started a Fine Art degree equivalent at Adelaide Central School of Art. I'm finding it all challenging, especially keeping up with the homework, but I'm enjoying it a lot and learning tons.

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